Philip Mordue was born and brought up in the Northumberland countryside. He's previously done all the usual life requirements: school, university, travelling the world and working the day job.

During this time, he's always enjoyed reading across a plethora of genres. He took a particular shine to crime fiction and began expanding his collection of books until he thought about trying to write a story himself.

Since then, he's faked his understanding of the world and started writing crime stories. He lives in Northumberland with his two blind dogs. They occasionally work with him on a consulting basis, but unfortunately adding "bark" into Philip's writing has proven unproductive so far.

Philip is the writer of the series of crime fiction novels featuring the Machiavellian anti-hero Victor Trimm. The debut novel of the series "The Writing's on the Wall" is available now! Available from Amazon, B&N and Kobo. Check out his free short story here!

Feedback on my writing (or the site) is always gratefully received. You can contact Philip here or follow him on Twitter @PhilMordue and facebook.

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