A cryptic declaration is smeared across the wall in blood. This bizarre statement seems to point the fickle finger of fate at the next doomed victim. The city of Blackbridge is being terrorised by a new killer that the press have dubbed the "Sick Surgeon." Keeping his victims alive, he wakes them so they can witness their final moments as he eviscerates them.

While this happens, Detective Sergeant Victor Trimm is taking another payoff. He's managed to keep his dubious activity a secret so far, but the mindset he's taken quickly provides a frightening insight into the way the Surgeon views his victims. It's clear that the messages are more than just a method of hinting at the next victim. As the bodies start to mount, Trimm begins to unravel as he loses hope that he can prevent the next death.

If this wasn't enough to stress him out, Trimm also has to contend with the icy Aleksey. The brutal enforcer for one of the organised crime syndicates of Blackbridge. Since they've paid him, Aleksey expects results. The penalty for failure is even more serious than he could ever imagine. It's no wonder he keeps forgetting his other duties. All the while, the latest message taunts him with a cryptic hint at who will be next for the Surgeon's table.

Working with his friends, colleagues and even his enemies, Trimm knows he has to look past the ordinary if he has any hope of staying alive long enough to catch the Surgeon. Maybe it's too much work for one man. Perhaps the writing's on the wall already?

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